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JULY 2006


PICTURE THIS. A feature film crew of about 80 people and all the accompanying paraphernalia – vehicles, walkie talkies, make-up tent, wardrobe van, catering, mobile toilets, etc. – on their first shooting day in Samburu, observed by a bored pride of lions all day and even an afternoon visit by a leopard.

Congratulations to our dedicated crew and cast for a professional job under a nearly impossible conditions, very tight prep schedule (seven sets to build including two villages and a military base, and elaborate wardrobe requirements) in the recent 36 day shoot of the Amber Studios. Well done! .

PICTURE THIS. Traffic jam in Shaba – 3 young bull elephants warming their feet on the road. There is no way past. Director arrives on set 45 minutes late.

The film, being a Russian comedy (working title “Equator”), perhaps helped everyone involved to keep a sense of humour as both natural and human interventions created a daily challenge for us to keep the shoot on schedule. However, we persevered!! Not only did the production have to deal with a severe drought causing dramatic changes in the scenery since the location scout, but also for the 20 Russian crew who arrived from a frigid Russian winter into temperatures in the 30’s Centigrade of northern Kenya in January of 2006. This was virgin territory for this young and enthusiastic cinematic voyagers.

PICTURE THIS. Magnificent white goat (Tony Blair) travels the 5 hours by road from Nairobi. He is rejected by the Director because he is too big. But not before he entertains the astonished local Samburu populace by obeying orders and answering when spoken to

Amid rumours that we were being sabotaged, we were plagued by problems from the moment we applied for filming permission in Shaba and Buffalo Springs. Apart from the human element (the local authorities), we also had to contend with scorpions, crocodiles, and a wounded leopard. But we came in on schedule, on budget and, in spite of all, the Russians can’t wait to return to Kenya.

PICTURE THIS. A she-goat is required for the Milking Scene. All the “BG goats” are male or sheep. Solution … Art Department will paint “Shaba”. Playing two parts, she is now assured of an easy retirement in Nairobi.
I hope we have a hilarious film. Only wish we could have afforded “The Making of …”


In a Cabinet re-shuffle early this year, Hon. Mutahi Kagwe replaced the former Minister for Information & Communications and, with his Permanent Secretary, Prof. Bitange Ndemo, we have strong backing from the Government. Whilst supporting the Kenya Film Commission, the Minister dissolved the previous board and has recently appointed a new one. The only appointee to survive from the previous KFC Board is Jenny. This is a great honour and a challenge. The other board members are suited to the task ahead and all have something to offer the film industry and we are all delighted to have Mr. Titus Naikuni, Managing Director of Kenya Airways, as our Chairman.

Jenny’s last assignment for the former Kenya Film Commission was to attend the AFCI Locations Trade Show in Santa Monica from 7-9 April, 2006, as a Kenya delegate. In the absence of a Commission, Kenya has been valiantly represented by the Government Department of Film Services on a meager budget. With the new Kenya Film Commission, we are already planning the coming year’s calendar of Film Festivals and Markets and so we won’t look like Africa’s poor relation any more.


On the evening of July 21, Nairobi was treated to the Premiere of the Constantin Films and Pontact Productions box office winner “The White Masai”. Opening across the world in 40 countries the film has been widely acclaimed for it’s cinematography and stunning screen adaptation of Corrine Hoffmann’s best selling book of the same title.
Arriving that day on an early morning flight from Tokyo, especially for the event, were accomplished Director Hermine Huntgeburth and leading male actor Jacky Ido. Also attending the gala was the film’s Line Producer, Jürgen Tröster and the German Ambassador, H.E. Walter J. Lindner. Various Kenya Government dignitaries including Prof. Ndemo, Permanent Secretary, attended as well as leaders from Kenya’s film industry.




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